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Unleash Your Imagination in “Ten Stories You Should Read Before
They Become Movies”

While entirely fictional, these compelling stories present overwhelming problems that unfurl in thrilling suspense, complex mystery, and heart-wrenching tragedy. Mike’s artistry lies in his ability to craft tales that entertain and his knack for weaving thought-provoking narratives that echo deeply with readers.

ten stories you should read before they become mov

Ten Stories

You Should Read Before They Become Movies

Prepare to set course on a journey into the imaginative mind of Mike Slosberg, a seasoned professional from Madison Avenue’s advertising realm, who now showcases his storytelling skill in his latest collectionMike’s stories entertain and provoke thought and joy within these ten fascinating short stories. With ingenious and hysterical twists, each tale is a rollercoaster of hilarity and astonishment that will make you laugh. As you circumnavigate through his unique creative lens, you’ll find yourself enthralled in fiction and contemplating life’s enigmatic facets. While entirely fictional, each story presents seemingly insuperable predicaments that unfold with riveting suspense, mystery, and a touch of tragedy. Buckle up and get ready for an extraordinary ride!


Mike and Mandy August appear to be the epitome of happiness. From their joyous wedding, Mike’s successful career, two precocious children, to the purchase of their dream home, their lives seem charmed.  Now, settled in the serene landscapes of Westport, Connecticut, they reside in an attractive pre-war colonial complete with a tennis court and a mortgage.

However, peace shatters when their son’s health takes a dire turn, threatening to unravel their idyllic existence. And their carefully constructed facade begins to blur the line between truth and deception.

A closely guarded secret, meticulously concealed for over a decade, emerges from the shadows, threatening to tear the very fabric of their family apart. In a quest for resolution, Mike embarks on a journey that spans from the quiet streets of Connecticut to the vibrant pulse of Los Angeles, onward to the captivating allure of San Francisco, and ultimately leading him to the enchanting mountain enclave of Aspen, Colorado. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, the truth surfaces and a daring plan is set in motion, exposing the raw vulnerability of a once-decent family as they grapple with the aftermath of tragedy.

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Hitler Error: Some Diamonds Are Meant to be Forever.

In 1944 Nazi Germany’s dying embers, high-ranking officers execute a daring plan to steal diamonds. Decades later, retired Moe Green’s quest for truth spirals into chaos when a Holocaust survivor’s gift resurfaces online, triggering a cascade of bloodshed.

From Florida’s tranquillity to the pulse of New York and the secrets of London, Israel, and France, Moe’s son, Jake, is thrust into a race against a remorseless assassin and a hidden ex-Nazi general. With an enigmatic Israeli spy at his side, they navigate a dangerous maze of history and deception, unearthing a web of shadows that refuse to fade.

Dying For a Baby is a Figure of Speech. Or is It?

Mike’s third novel delves into the brutal realm of black market adoptions, where a cutthroat lawyer, a New York City detective, and a vengeful sister collide. With intricate plotting, the story unfolds with gut-wrenching surprises, culminating in a fitting conclusion that lives up to its title. This gripping thriller fearlessly tackles weighty societal concerns, drawing parallels to the exposé and advocacy novels that have historically shed light on profound injustices. In a landscape where evil exploits the innate human desire for family, this novel is a potent reminder of the perilous duplicity, anguish, and heartbreak unfolding. A timely exploration that showcases the author’s expertise, this thriller offers a thought-provoking story that captivates and enlightens.

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pimp my walker

A Guide For Growing Old With StyleGot a computerCan’t use it yet, but it looksGood on the tableOccasionally a rare book comes along that approaches the matter of aging with sympathy, understanding, and sobriety. This book is not one of them. On the contrary, Pimp My Walker: The Official Book of Old Age Haiku by Mike Slosberg accepts aging with the solemnity of slipping on a banana peel. As the subtitle indicates, the author has taken the age-old art form of haiku and turned it into an art form for old age – or at least aging. Each of the 73 poems is a gem of wit, wisdom, and cantankerousness. Witness his take on life’s little pleasures:I can rememberWhen sex was better than foodNow vice is versaMike maintains that old age really sucks, and one has to be philosophical and poetic to survive. Humor is the only defense – with the exception, perhaps, of copious amounts of surgery.