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Mike Slosberg

Mike Slosberg is a versatile writer and cartoonist living in New York City. His literary portfolio includes fascinating novels such as “A BABY TO DIE FOR,” “THE HITLER ERROR,” and “THE AUGUST STRANGERS.” Most recently he has focused his insight and wit into a collection of ten engaging tales titled “TEN STORIES TO READ BEFORE THEY BECOME MOVIES.” 

Mike also wrote and illustrated “PIMP MY WALKER,” a hilarious exploration of old age told through a collection of HAIKU poetry.  (The perfect humorous gift for anyone celebrating a birthday––be it their 18 or 81.  Available in paperback.  (A limited signed hardcover edition can only be purchased directly from <mikeslosbergbooks.com>)

Mike’s books are available across various formats, in both traditional paperbacks and modern ebooks, compatible with all electronic devices.  (The Hitler Error and Ten Stories to Read Before They Become Movies are also available in audio format)

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Before indulging his passion for writing full-time, Mike’s professional career was tightly interwoven with the iconic ad agency, YOUNG & RUBICAM where, as one of the original MAD Men, he played a pivotal role in creating advertising for many of the most prestigious companies in America. For a quarter of a century, he flourished, ascending to the presidency of their direct marketing subsidiary, WUNDERMAN, RICOTTA & KLINE.

In a fortunate stroke of serendipity, Mike met and joined with the talented and dynamic Michael Bronner where, together they created BRONNER SLOSBERG ASSOCIATES.  BSA eventually grew and became the antecedent for the world famous, DIGITAS

Transitioning into the new millennium, Mike assumed the mantle of creative director and manager of the firm’s newly established London office. In 2002, after almost five decades in advertising, Mike retired.

Mike and his wife, Janet, share an ardent love for early 20th Century art and off-Broadway theater.  They are also active philanthropists.

Although his roots trace back to Pennsylvania, Mike’s heart beats to the rhythm of New York. Nestled in Manhattan’s enchanting Upper West Side, he continues to channel his creativity and passion into his work, hoping to leave a small mark on the literary and artistic landscape.

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