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The Hitler Error

Can the whereabouts of a fortune in diamonds hidden by three Nazi Officers at the end of WWII, turn up in South Florida sixty years later?

The electrifying answer, and its deadly complications are the components that make up Slosberg’s nail-biting novel.

Fast Paced Thriller! If you love reading about Nazis, stolen gems, secret hiding places, multiple murders, plot twists and turns, all taking place in the present, you will love Slosberg’s new thriller. You won’t want to put it down and the end will blow you away. Highly recommended reading and look for a movie down the road.

Amazon.com Reviewer

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!! I was drawn into the history and the characters, and loved all the twists and turns in the storyline. I highly recommend this novel to everyone. It is a great ride!!! Barnes and Noble Reviewer

Twist after twist after twist. Terrific thriller. Piling surprises on top of twists, Slosberg is always several steps ahead of the reader as his engrossing plot unfolds over a sixty-year timeline. The historic background has the ring of truth and the characters make every hour with the book time well spent. Amazon.com Reviewer

Do yourself a favor, buy this book before your next trip; you’ll be glad you did. The Hitler Error is a meticulously researched, densely plotted, sure-to-please page turner. Slosberg’s fast-paced writing style makes this thriller a pleasure to read. Amazon.com Reviewer

Perfect! ‘The Hilter Error’ is a wonderful and engaging story told by a master author. Mr. Slosberg’s creative genius is revealed as the story unfolds. Brilliantly thought out and artfully written. Barnes and Noble Reviewer