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The August Strangers

A secret harbored for more than a dozen years, threatens to rip a family apart. What are they hiding?

The answer makes up the plot of this gripping sensitive and exciting story of what can happen to a decent family when tragedy strikes, secrets are revealed and lives are peeled apart, layer-by-layer, for all the world to see.


“The August Strangers” has nothing to do with a calendar month. It’s about an interesting ethical dilemma involving a family man, Mike August, and adoption. To give away the plot would be wrong, but let me tell you that this book is equivalent to “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult…one of the best ethical dilemma books I have ever read.

As you read through “The August Strangers”, you will be asking yourself what lengths would you go through to save your son from a terrible death. Would you commit acts that would send you to prison to save his life? And what if your son was….I won’t go any further. You have to read this book. Guaranteed to make you think. And please relish the surprise ending!!

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I heart-felt, touching story about a boy and his father.  So worth the read!!!

Barnes and Noble Reviewer

This book asks great questions : If you were a father, and your son was ill and getting more ill, what lengths would you go to to save him? Would you give him a kidney of your own? But what about this….what if your son was adopted, and your blood type didn’t match? Would you steal adotion papers? Try and find the real sibling? Kidnap the real sibling to save your son? This novel is an incredibly compelling read, an emotional story with a thriller edge. It follows the life of Mike August, the average man who is thrown into a life-changing situation where he has to ask himself these questions. I highly recommend this book.

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